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Solemnity of Christ the King - Year A

Solemnity of Christ the King - Year A

As St Francis lay dying he turned to those around him and reminded them, “I have done what was mine to do, may you also do what is yours to do. Let us begin again, for up to now we have done nothing!”


The word of Jesus the Christ is a command to love.


ln Mother Teresa's words: “The worst disease in the world today is the feeling of being unwanted, and the greatest evil is lack of love. What the poor need even more than food, clothes, and shelter, is to be wanted.”


The words of Christ are as relevant today as ever. We might put them as follows; The King will say to those on his left: 'Depart from me, for I was hungry, hungry for a smile, and all I got from you was sour looks.


I was hungry for a word of encouragement, but all you did was criticise me.

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