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Address - Knights of Da Gama - 25th April 2015

Address - Knights of Da Gama - 25th April 2015

  1. The Extraordinary General Assembly on the Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World held in October 2014 spoke often of Truth in relation to the family. Truth is actually mentioned 16 times in the summary document.


  1. Truth was held in relationship with beauty, with hope, with faithfulness, with mercy and as the Word of God made flesh, the Christ, the God who is Love.


  1. Love is cornerstone of our humanity; only love protects us enough to grow and change. And increasingly, it's the element often absent from our otherwise fortunate lives. Living in a society that satisfies material wants we didn't even know we had, throws into glaringly high relief our need to find acceptance and meaning through deep human contact.


  1. Love remains something we all long for, at least on the receiving end, but that we also seem to have so much trouble finding, or recognizing, or holding onto.


  1. Each one of us needs someone to share our laughter, someone to be a best friend as well as a lover, someone who'll not only listen to our doubts and celebrate our triumphs but also jump in the car for impromptu getaways.


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