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The Most Holy Trinity - 31 May 2015

The Most Holy Trinity - 31 May 2015

  1. We live in a time of great changes, or as some say, in a change of epoch. According to Pope Francis “humanity is experiencing a turning-point in its history.”


  1. He reminds us that also in the Church the topic of crisis also dominates: the crisis of vocation, the crisis of perseverance, the crisis of Christian faithfulness and religion, the crisis of the institution and the crisis of morals.


  1. Many people today openly mock all faith in God. The very lifestyle we follow often tends to promote a kind of ‘atheism’ in us all. Especially in our cities, surrounded by technological gadgetry and all the signs of human inventiveness, we can be at a distance from the things of nature.


  1. Within this Spirit, even the rural-based of our population are bound to feel in some degree God’s apparent remoteness from our situation, God’s silence, remaining hidden to the end of our earthly days.


  1. In this current situation, of what relevance can the biblical revelation of the Most Holy Trinity, be in our lives. Can this mystery that “God exists as three interactive, loving Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, while yet remaining one divine reality, one God, be of any practical use to us here today.

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